Bret Feddern

Phoenix, Arizona
customer service
bfeddern -at- hotmail -dot- com

I am a bit of a web nerd with an addiction to CodeIgniter, Laravel and Bootstrap. While at work, I enjoy creating dynamic, accessible web applications that simplify end users' lives. When I am not writing code, I have a passion for books, Frank Sinatra and cheesy movies from the 80's.

I am a creative and highly effective Application Developer with 14+ years of experience in web development. I am well-versed in numerous programming languages, as well as agile development methodologies. I am currently searching for a position that will utilize my full-stack abilities to make a difference.


UX Design
February 2019 - May 2019
University of Northern Iowa
Bachelor of Arts
Management Information Systems
August 2001 - May 2004
University of Northern Iowa
Bachelor of Arts
General Studies with minors in Criminology, Ethics and Marketing
August 1996 - December 1999


Web Developer, Senior

University of Arizona - Phoenix, Arizona

Develop and maintain accessible web applications for the College of Medicine using Laravel (PHP), Bootstrap (CSS/HTML5), jQuery (JavaScript) and MySQL.

Projects include: Dossier App, Budget Item Request

August 2018 - February 2019

Application Developer / Senior Application Developer

University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa

Winner of the Spring 2018 Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA).

Develop and maintain accessible web applications for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences using CodeIgniter (PHP), ASP.NET MVC (C#), Bootstrap (CSS/HTML5), jQuery (JavaScript), MS SQL Server and MySQL. Developed and maintained accessible web applications for Human Resources using FW/1 (ColdFusion), Bootstrap (CSS/HTML5), jQuery (JavaScript) and Oracle.

Projects include: Department Toolbox; EPE; Loginator; Outreach Tracker; Participant Registry; Tech Inventory; eDeposit; ProTrav;

April 2012 - June 2018

Senior Contract Developer

Drawbackwards - Phoenix, Arizona

Constructed websites using ColdFusion, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Optimized websites using organic SEO techniques. Assisted in planning and implementing social media strategies.

April 2009 - April 2012

Systems Analyst

Fennemore Craig - Phoenix, Arizona

Maintained the law firm's website using ColdFusion, SQL, XHTML and CSS; maintained over 60 MS SQL Server databases; helped implement various legal web applications, including Intapp and LegalKEY; supported the firm's HR system and CRM system (Intellipad).

April 2006 - April 2009

Web Developer

Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona

Maintained the W. P. Carey School of Business website using ColdFusion, SQL, XHTML and CSS; developed various web applications for faculty and staff, including an online calendar of events; implemented a site-wide redesign for the online MBA program.

April 2005 - April 2006

Jr. Web Developer

Earth 911 - Scottsdale, Arizona

Created and maintained various websites for environmental organizations using ASP, ColdFusion, CSS, HTML and MS SQL. Developed mobile application used in the monitoring of beach conditions.

May 2004 - April 2005


Programming Languages & Tools
Workflows, Methodologies and Initiatives
  • Agile Development (Scrum)
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Interaction Design (UX)
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) (Section 508)


Over the years, I have worked on several different and unique projects. I have demonstrated an ability to manage multiple projects successfully while meeting challenging deadlines. Below are just of few of the applications I have worked on in the last five years.

Department Toolbox - a collection of administrative and research-related "tools" used by the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Iowa. The tools represent smaller applications that are housed together and controller through user-related roles.

Bootstrap Chosen CodeIgniter DataTables Dragula JavaScript Cookie jQuery jQuery Mask jQuery Steps jQuery Validate Moment.js Sticky Typeahead

eDeposit: a web-based ColdFusion application used by the University of Iowa to record cash and check departmental bank deposits and credit card sales. The system is used to ensure quick and accurate posting of funds deposited, and used to match funds with the University's General Ledger. The system was originally written in 2002. I worked to rebuild the application "from the ground up" to implement more front-end functionality and to improve back-end processing and reconcilation logic.

Bootstrap ColdFusion DataTables FW/1 jQuery jQuery Mask jQuery Validate

EPE - a custom-built application used by the ESL Programs Office at the University of Iowa to track and evaluate incoming students for their skills with the English language. When international students come to the University of Iowa, they are initially evaluated through a series of compositions, interviews and reading/listening tests to see where the level of their English skills are at. Based on that evaluation process, the student may have certain academic requirements that are pushed to the University main academic system (MAUI).

ASP.NET MVC Bootstrap DataTables jQuery jQuery Mask jQuery Validate Moment.js

Loginator - a custom-built application to connect the log records for majority of the CLAS-related applications and web servers at the University of Iowa, making it easy to monitor appliation usage. In addition to parsing log files and records, the tool also allows for scheduling automated jobs.

Animate.css Bootstrap Bootstrap Notify CodeIgniter DataTables jQuery jQuery Validate Moment.js Vue.js

Outreach Tracker - an application to make it easier for faculty members on campus to keep track of the time associated with their community outreach efforts, as well has helps them to share those efforts with other faculty members for better collaboration.

Bootstrap Chosen CodeIgniter DataTables Dragula JavaScript Cookie jQuery jQuery Mask jQuery Validate Moment.js Timeago.js

Participant Registry - an application/database full of potential subjects and consented individuals that allows research labs to find participants for studies based on necessary criteria.

Bootstrap CodeIgniter DataTables Dragula JavaScript Cookie jQuery jQuery Mask jQuery Validate Moment.js

ProTrav - a web-based ColdFusion application used by the University of Iowa to reconcile Procurement Card charges and travel-related expenses. The application also allows for data collection that makes it easier to review expenses individually or collectively (by trip, individual, department, and/or university wide). I worked on several components within ProTrav, including a trip creation wizard, functionality to improve shipping-related expenses (parsing in data from FedEx), audit-related functionality and alerts pertaining to high-risk transactions.

Bootstrap ColdFusion DataTables jQuery jQuery Validate

Tech Inventory - a web-based computer inventory system used to track computer-related inventory throughout departments on campus.

Bootstrap CodeIgniter DataTables JavaScript Cookie jQuery jQuery Mask jQuery Validate Moment.js Typeahead


Presenting in front of an audience is not exactl easy for an introverted new, but uver the years I have presented a few topics at development-related conferences. I plan on submitting more talk proposals in the future (see Goals), so hopefully this section continues to grow.

Recent Conference Submissions
Conference Pending Accepted Rejected
Longhorn PHP 2019
Midwest PHP 2019
Longhorn PHP 2018
Midwest JS 2018
Topic: Breaking Your jQuery Addiction with Vue.JS
Unable to attend event.
Frontend NE 2018
Elements Conference at Penn State - 2016
Frameworks: using Bootstrap and CodeIgniter to build awesome applications
Developer Ignite - Phoenix - 2009
11 things you didn't know about ColdFusion


The world of web development is an ever-changing environment, and as such it is important to adapt continually learn new things. Below are some work-related goals I hope to work on in the near future.

Submit More Conference Proposals
Speaking in public can be stressful, but it is a great way to become more of an expert on a topic. Creating a topic idea, and then preparing a presentation on that idea is a great way to take a deeper dive on a subject. I want to submit more proposals so that I can hopefully attend more conferences and continue to learn.
Get Certified in Laravel
I have a LONG way to go, but I want to get recognized for my growing knowledge in creating modern web applications with Laravel.
Create a Web Site/Application to Earn Passive Income
Who doesn't want a passive income source? I have several ideas for sites and applications that could potentially earn revenue. I need to set aside time to construct those ideas. One idea is to create a site where people can learn more about ancestry dna test services, with the reviews of various sites.
Become a Ninja at Vue.js
Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It is becoming very popular, and my interactions with it thus far have been positive. I see potential in using Vue.js in conjunction with CodeIgniter/Laravel and Bootstrap. I am encouraged to get more up to speed on this framework to the point where I am a Vue.js ninja. I have a long way to go, but it will be fun.